Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sam- Appreciation 11-29-15

Sam- 11-29-15

Sophia and I love going to plays, recently we went to see Almost Maine- and one thing I can say is that my feels are still broken.  The play is about a little town in Maine that's so far to the north it's almost in Canada, and almost in the United States, Almost.  The story surrounds the relationships of the people in Almost Maine, several adorable couples that not only tug on the strings of your heart, but rip them to shreds. I won't give too much away about the play, but Sophia and I really recommend you go see it yourself.

Seeing this play made me think about how hard some people work, to not be recognized for it.  The students putting on this play did an amazing job, however going to the play you can see that some people didn't go to appreciate the actors, just to have a night out with friends.  Dear people who talk during performances, LEAVE THE EARTH, I ASSUME WHEREVER YOU ARE THERE IS A DOOR, USE IT, LEAVE.

Sorry for my little angersplosion there (yes I just made up a word deal with it), but these people work so hard to put on a performance of something they are very dedicated to, just for people to make fun of it and never bother to give them a chance.  It's the same thing with high school bands, you will be at a pep- rally, the football team will be announced, the entire stadium freaks the fuck out.  You would expect the same kind of reaction for the band kids that work just as hard, sometimes harder, but what you get is the small low clap of the people who appreciate the band, or from the people who just kinda feel bad.

I think all people should be recognized for something they are passionate about, and love doing, no matter what it is.  If you love playing the recorder with you nose, good, you're awesome for caring about something *Claps*.  If you love to chase leaves and dress them up like they're pets, congratulations that you were actually able to do something with your life *Claps*.  Everyone deserves to be appreciated for doing the thing they love doing (except cannibalism and murder, then you really shouldn't be clapped for at your psycho school) , so don't put yourself down if you aren't clapped for as highly as the football team, just be happy that there are people clapping, and I always will be, even if I am not there :)

Have a happy day/week/month/year/life/beyond

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sam- Acceptance Of Others 11/9/15

'Ello all it's me Sam, back here because I wanted to make a post about something that I think is very important in this day in age, and that is acceptance.  Recently the world has been becoming more and more diverse, and the younger people like most of you don't really mind what someone's sexual preference is, what their race is, what your religion is, etc.  However there are still some people out there that don't think that anyone besides them is equal to them.  There are people who think they understand what others are going through but they don't.  This space that we have created together is going to be one of acceptance and love for one another, hate and disrespect is not tolerated here, and shouldn't be anywhere else, with that in mind, please try to refrain from putting down others opinions because they are not similar to your own.  If there is someone saying that they think people should wait to have sex after marriage and you disagree with them talk it out and inform them of why you have your certain opinion, perhaps they can change your views. This is true in any situation, even when you're not here behind a screen, try to be accepting of people like this in everyday life, even if you really, really want to throw a brick at them for being so wrong.  If you agree and want this message to be at the fore front of everyone's mind, post a comment to talk about your opinion, or tell a story about when you weren't accepted, because someone here will accept you when that person didn't :) Hope you have an amazing day/week/month/year/lifetime/beyond 
- Love Sam <3

Remember: Hate