Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sophia- My Black Out Poems

If you didn't read Sam's DIY about this, check it out if you're wondering how I created these! (It is pretty self explanatory, but it's super fun to do!)

Also a major "THANK YOU" to our club adviser for this idea which the club had to do!

Here are the black out poems I did! (I actually created these poems out of poems from a poetry book).

The poetry book I used is called Failure by Philip Schultz.

First poem I blacked out was "The Summer People"
Talk about all the things they had to give up.
It's beautiful here, they say, but the beauty isn't theirs to enjoy.
He never cut out grass or knew,
what grade I was in, He work days,
nights and weekend, but failed anyway,
he'd stare out the window so powerfully,
the world inside and outside,
our house would disappear.
He suffered big dreams.
We'd hear him up there in the dark,
as if he were the happiest man alive.

Next poem I blacked out was "Grief"
This morning,
no longer lives in photos on her dresser,
hands in pockets trying not to interfere.
I used to think the dead preferred their own company.
They don't,
they prefer ours.

I blacked out the poem "Blunt"
I hate the idea of being asked.
I want nothing with a soul,
I hate its bottomless pockets,
its guileless, eyeless stare.
I hate the idea of paradise.
If I have to believe in something,
I believe in despair.
In its antique teeth,
to it I bequeath the masterpiece of my conscience,
the most useless of all.
The truth gets the table scraps of my dignity.
It can do what it likes with my desire.

Lastly, I blacked out "The Amount of Us"
We walk down to the beach,
always faster into the future.
The weight of your dead piled on top of mine.
My fear of losing you--
in candlelight.
Screams echoing down hallway out of you,
the downpour,
your fingerprints on the window blurring the image of us,
your hand nailed to mine,
plus the joyous factories of our devotion,
the singing,
the burning,
the pain,
the beginning minus the end of us.

Thank you for reading! I hope this inspires you to create your own blackout poetry! If it just happens to, let me know and maybe I'll do more black out poems (I'll probably do more whether you ask or not hahaha). :)
(Also very sorry about the picture placement and quality here...)
Thanks loves xx