Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sophia- Updates on us

So from today, Wednesday, till Monday, Sam and I have our final tests for our classes. It's the end of another school year!! *pumps fist in the air*

I've been in the mood to blog recently, but I just wasn't sure what to blog about for the longest time. So here I am just doing a little mini update for you guys.

For the past couple of months, Sam and I haven't really been blogging. We posted stuff over on Three Fallen Leaves and I've posted stuff of my personal blog (VintageSofi). (BTW you can find all these links in the bar above this blog post)

We've just been really busy with our personal lives, our school lives, and we just didn't really find time to blog about stuff.

Also I've been lacking in motivation to find something to post recently.

Over this summer, I plan to work on all my social media's. That's right. I'm going to spice up the three blogs I run, I'm going to start up my wattpad with my second era of poetry, and I'm going to be trying to get all of the twitter accounts to look more presentable.

Also, another update, I cut my hair somewhat short! (I'm going to trim it so it goes to about my shoulders). It was so long and dead about a week ago, but then my mom cut my hair and it's so much healthier and easier to work with!

BTW today is Demisexual pride day, so, whoop whoop!
It's also National Best Friends Day I think!

Basically, I'm just here to tell you sorry that we haven't been blogging. We've been struggling with life and school, but Summer break is literally so soon! So look forward to us making everything better for you guys!

OMG.... it's already June.... half way through 2016.... well ...... crap

Idrk what to write  about.
I'm just kinda really bored.

As I normally sign off....

Thanks loves xx