Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sam- How to deal with an existential crisis, kind of 3-1-16


The Existential Crisis

That's fun


I watched Dan Howell's video on what it is a few years ago, and realized that it was what had been pulling me down for months, I just hadn't known that other people had it too.

For those of you who don't know what an existential crisis is, I will link Dan's video below, he will probably explain it better than I can, but here's my version:

An existential crisis is when you as a person realize that you are real, you stop and look around, you- you are looking around, you aren't just watching this happen, you are making this happen, you are in control.

Then you realize that you are only in control of your life for so long.

And that's when the crisis starts.

You realize that you make your life happen until you die.



However all crises are different

Mine started out on an average day, well not really, see, this day I was in the middle of reading one of the Harry Potter books for the first time, and I was in love with the wizarding world.

But, I soon came to realize, that I was only able to read about this world, I would never be apart of it, I would never, ever escape this world fully once I finished this series.

So I stopped reading it for awhile

And by awhile I mean almost a year.

I wanted to belong to that story so badly, I wanted to escape my real world so desperately, that I prolonged the end as long as possible.

Now, every day since then I have contemplated shoving my head into my books to escape this world.

But again, everyone is different

Your crisis could be the constant fear of death, knowing that all humans are, and will die alone.

Or that you could literally die at any moment having done absolutely nothing productive with your life except for sit on tumblr and look at furry fan art of Dan and Phil, not that I've done it- Ha ha heh....

Anyways, here's the link to Dan's Video

Hope you guys have a happy day/week/month/year/lifetime/beyond

Love, Sam

Sam- I'm Back, again 3-1-16

So in case you're wondering, I'm not dead

Just, really really lazy



But now I'm back for real

Because I want to be here, I do

Today I'm going to talk about what's been going on

And why I have not been here the past month


This past month I have actually had things going on

Since I've been gone, Girl Scout cookie season has begun


I am a girl scout


I am in high school

Shut Up

Anyway, I've had a booth every weekend for the past two months and my last booth was last weekend

Hence, me writing this now

Other than that I'm just lazy and have been having a existential crisis crash everyday sooo, that's fun

I will try and post something real later today, or at least tomorrow

Love you guys and thanks for 650 views!

Have a happy day/week/month/year/lifetime/beyond

Its good to be back  -Sam