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Sam- How To Help Someone With Depression/ Signs of Depression/ Suicidal Tendencies 12-4-15

Sam- 12-4-15

Hello again, I hope you all are doing well, today I'd like to talk about helping people, specifically people going through depression or are showing signs of being suicidal, and how to spot them.

Signs of self harm or suicidal thoughts:

  • If you see the marks Obviously, if you see the marks then that person is either in a bad situation at home, accidentally hurt themselves, or the obvious, they self harm out of depression.
  • Watch and see if they wear long sleeves, or pants everyday If someone wears long sleeves everyday, even though it's not winter, or cold out at all, then this could be a sign of them not wanting to show their scars, or they like being over heated, which means they should really get help
  • If they wear long sleeves, pay close attention if you can see their wrists at any point If you look closely enough than you may be able to see the bottom of their sleeve move up slightly, which is a good way to look for marks without them knowing or being suspicious
  • If they constantly are talking about the afterlife, or things bigger than themselves This may be a sign of being religious or just wanting to be in the after life rather than on Earth
  • If they contemplate the reasoning behind their own life They may either be Dan Howell or really believe that they are pointless and not worth it to be around

These are just a few ways to spot someone with depression, or find out if someone close to you is self harming, but now that you know they do these things, you need to know how to help them with out driving them away.  If this person is saying that they don't believe life is worth living, don't tell them they can't and are not allowed to leave, comfort them with soothing words, telling them how much they mean to you and the world, tell them that shutting people out, or just wanting to give up entirely, is making the world loose an amazing person who can do some amazing things one day, once they beat the depression.

For people who self harm, find some time to be alone with them, and ask them how they are feeling that day.  Most people who hurt themselves don't like the idea of other people knowing what they are doing, obviously.  Every once in a while, tell them how much they mean to you, and how much it would destroy the people who love them to see them gone.  Don't expect this person to just throw away the razor, lighter etc. away immediatly, this of all things takes a long time to heal completely.

They best thing to do for this person in your life is to love them, and treat them as such.  I hope these tips helped some of you, and for all the people going through this, there are people who can help, counselors, free, confidential help, and me, of course :) Also put some tips that you have found in the comments below!

Hope you have a wonderful day/week/month/year/lifetime/beyond

Love Sam :)

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