Monday, December 7, 2015

Sam- Letter Box DIY 12-7-15

I apologize for the short post in advance.  So there are a lot of people in this world that drive me insane, but sometimes I don't have the gut or sanity to argue with them, to tell them how wrong they are, so one day, I was going through a lot, and my cousin told me about something she had been doing for a while, that she called her Secret Letter Box.  Basically, what she did was write letters to people, things that she would not say to them in person, or at all, then, she would place the letters in a box and put the box away forever, never to read again.  So, I tried the idea, and honestly, it allows the mind to be set free, it feels as though you actually did say this to the person, and weight after weight is removed from the body, and happiness ensues.

So I decided to teach you how to make a box for yourself :)

Step One
Find a box, it can be any size, a shoe box is best for this.

Step Two
You can decorate this box with anything that makes you happy, that allows you to be lighter when writing these letters.

Step Three
Write a letter, include the date.

Step Four
Fold the letter into a paper airplane, a metaphor for letting the problem, and bad energy fly away.

Step Five
Place the letter in the box and put the box away

  • Remember to never read the letters again, in doing this you are bringing the bad attitudes and energies back to you, were they don't belong :)
  • Refer to this box whenever you need to, I promise it will help.

Hope you have a wonderful day/week/month/year/lifetime/beyond :)
Love Sam

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