Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sophia- Facts and Favorites

Here are just a few facts about me and some favorites of mine that maybe people would want to know! :)  (I saw Sam writing one so I thought maybe I should create on myself)

  • My hair is in between a chocolate and dark brown color. (I did recently dye it burgundy but it's now mostly faded ): ....)
  • My favorite books include Girl Online by Zoella and Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom (I'm sure I'll find new books to obsess over)
  • My favorite stores include H&M, Khols, and many others, but I plan to visit Primark and Topshop asap!
  • I'm obsessed with YouTube, I don't think some people understand. Some of my favorite youtubers include Zoella, Dan and Phil, Tanya Burr, ThatcherJoe, and just so many people who I'm watching constantly. (I've been really obsessed with vlogmas for this year)
  • I don't really have a favorite school subject, because I'm not really taking any interesting classes, but if I had to pick one I'd choose English.
  • I love food, but I don't really have a favorite. I once had a vegan stir-fry which was AMAZING. Pizza is really good too. I don't really have an all time favorite though.
  • Dairy Milk chocolate is the best chocolate ever! (To bad they don't have any in the U.S)
  • Favorite T.V. shows, well, I have watched a few anime's which were really good (death note and sao are amazing btw), but I love watching Once Upon A Time and shows like that. Friends is always a go to because I'm completely obsessed. As a kid I watched a lot of Home Improvement because my mom would always have it on.
  • I don't really have a favorite color. I love lots of different colors like navy blue and burgundy/ maroon. I also love things like rose gold and copper. I also love the monochrome scale of shades.
  • My bed room walls are mint green because I used t love everything mint green color.
  • My go to outfit is probably a flannel with ripped jeans (or leggings) and some cute boots. 
  • Hobbies include writing, designing interiors in my head, photography, a little bit of beauty, making quotes, being on my Tumblr 24/7, and so many more things.
  • My birthday is on July 28! (two days before Sam's) I've never known anyone personally who has the same birthday as me!
Maybe we have some things in common! :)
Thanks loves xx

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