Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sophia- Twenty One Pilots - Songs

Here are just a few songs that I've been loving recently. I chose these songs to share to you guy because of their meanings. The lyrics and music just go hand in hand. Also, since I do get stressed very easily and I can easily just become really sad, these are some songs I listen to to drown out my extra voices. Basically these are songs I connect to, and I thought maybe you guys would like to know about these songs. (Sorry if you've heard them already! But hey, give the song another listen to)

  • Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots
Sometimes you have to sit in silence and really think about your thoughts. That's one of the main messages in this song. He talks about how someone stole his car radio, and he now has no music to drain out and masks his thoughts. "I ponder of something great/ my lungs will fill and then deflate/ they fill with fire, exhale desire/ I know it's dire my time today." These are the first lyrics you are encountered with when listening to the song. These lines talk about how sometimes thinking of something great can affect how you feel, in both good and bad ways. "I have these thoughts/ so often I ought/ to replace the slot/ with what I once bought/ 'cause somebody stole/ my car radio/ and now I just sit in silence." These are the next lyrics that you will continue to hear throughout the song. These lyrics talk about how someone stole his car radio, and he now has to deal with the thoughts he having, because there's no music to drown the thoughts out. Overall, the piano and drums behind this song (and every TOP song) go hand in hand. I just love listening to this when I have to drown out my thoughts or stress. (Kinda ironic)
  • Goner - Twenty One Pilots (I have a TOP obsession |-/)
I have taught myself how to play the piano parts to this song. It's such a beautiful piano song if anyone is looking for something quick, easy, and beautiful to play. I've also listened to so many covers of this song, and each way everyone plays this song is different. This whole song is very repetitive. (Listen to the song and you will understand) "I'm a goner/ somebody catch my breath/ I'm a goner/ somebody catch my breath/ I wanna be know/ by you/ I wanna be know/ by you." My favorite lyrics to this song are, "Though I'm weak/ and beaten down/ I'll slip away/ into the sound." I just really like how those lyrics sound with his voice and the music. The words just speak so much when they say how when I'm weak, I go and drown myself (metaphorically) into the music. (Kinda similar to Car Radio. Actually no, very similar)

I'll do this more and more when I listen to new songs. Here's just two Twenty One Pilot songs that I've really enjoyed recently. If you're also a TOP fan like me, comment down below. Also if you have any songs you want me to talk about, also let me know! Feel free to tweet me your favorite songs. Thank you loves xx